China begins to give Joe Biden orders


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Los Angeles, CA — On Friday, China acknowledged the mainstream media declaration that Joe Biden was the winner of the election. Various mainstream media outlets were critical of the delays in acknowledging their Biden-declared win. Most said it was belated, while others were more critical.

The media has avoided being critical of China throughout the Trump administration. They have allowed Biden to escape his corrupt ties with China and his family profiting off those backroom deals. It’s apparent, the mainstream media was looking for acknowledgment given their protection of China.

China is famous for state-ran media. Our mainstream media, who has coordinated with the Democrats this entire election, wanted China to see just how “China-like” we have become.

They wanted attention. Like a group of toddlers, they wanted someone to acknowledge that they have “done a good job.” Instead, China had other things in mind.

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On Saturday, one media outlet ran a story that began to give Joe Biden orders for a potential Biden administration. The article declared that the United States, under Joe Biden, must commit to a U-turn from current policies in order to be respected on the international stage again. It gave several recommendations.

First, the author suggests that the United States must realize it has lost its place of global prominence. He suggests that American is no longer the place of price makers, but rather a price taker. He says that there is no constraint that can be placed on China for America to retain its place in the global economy.

Except that’s exactly what President Trump was doing. The US saw a resurgence of multiple industries with the approach President Trump used with China. Now, China says that it’s time to get back to business with bad deals.

The second suggestion the author makes is that America needs to realize that government is not the enemy. The author cites the “Reagan-esque” approach to government that it is a problem. He said that Biden must fix this view and approach.

So how did they recommend Biden should do this? By watching how China and other Asian countries have dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Those are the same countries that have implemented mandatory testing, with fines and prison times if you avoid it. This certainly screams freedom, doesn’t it?

The author also suggests that we send our youth over to those countries to learn how government should work. The author says that this is the only way to prevent another Trump term or a Trump-like term in the future.

Finally, the author says that Americans should lose their pride in their country in order to simply save the country. I have a major problem with that.

What is the problem with Americans having pride in their country? What is the problem with being proud of who you are and striving to be the best at all you do? The problem for China is that this keeps them from continuing to gain power and influence across the world.

China is not interested in America being successful. They are not interested in Joe Biden being successful as this propaganda garbage suggests. They are only interested in one thing – global power.

China is laying out their demands for a potential President Joe Biden. As I have argued many times, Joe Biden is simply a puppet. Not just for the Democrats, but for all of those that he has dealt with. China is only beginning to lay out their demands.

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Biden will do just like Obama. He will give in to those demands allowing countries all around to become more powerful. Rather than leading with Americans in mind, he will once again work to profit his family and his close friends.

China is setting itself up for a great four years with a possible President Biden. They have waited to congratulate him because they realize that the lawsuits must play out before this thing is over. As soon as that is over, the propaganda machine will be out in full force to pressure Biden.

Chinese Media Gives Joe Biden Leadership Plans

China decided to issue some congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It was quite some time after the mainstream media declared him the winner of the election. For the record, he is still not the official winner as of yet.  Mainstream media in the United States was upset this took so long.

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