COVID Cases Disappearing About As Fast As American Freedom


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Charlotte, NC — Since the beginning of the year, COVID-19 cases have been on the decline in the United States. The latest map from John Hopkins shows that cases show a significant decline in cases, even as new “more contagious” strains of the virus have been found. As more vaccines are being distributed and cases are going down, it would give reason to believe that a return to normal may happen soon.

Not so fast says Dr. Anthony Fauci. Joe Biden and the mainstream media’s darling of the COVID-19 pandemic says that cases continue to remain high and that Americans should not be complacent. Perhaps he moved the goal posts on what he considers high like he did herd immunity.

In an interview on Sunday, Fauci said that the sharp decline was good, but that daily case totals were still high. To date, the United States has reported nearly 30 million cases with nearly 45 million having received the vaccine. That equates to roughly 20% of the US population.

If such a small percentage of the population has received the vaccine and has been confirmed to have had the virus, why are we continuing to see the decline? Especially if the new strains of the virus are more contagious than before.

The NBC News article about Fauci’s comments says that the current seven-day average of cases across the country is approximately 70,000. That’s significantly lower than the 200 to 300,000 cases that were being reported each week from the election through soon after Biden took office.

Fauci was responding to a Wall Street Journal article that claimed we would reach herd immunity by April. That goes against the Democrat’s plans for mask mandates, forced business shutdowns, and ruining the great economy that President Donald Trump built. It’s no wonder that they sent Dr. Fauci out to do the Sunday rounds to help destroy any hope that Americans may have of this pandemic being over.

The author of the WSJ article said that scientific data and estimates about natural immunity were low, indicating that herd immunity was near. Fauci attempted to destroy that thought but was contradicted by another physician who spoke on the matter.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA official, said that he expects the cases to continue to decline. He continued his comments saying that only 40% of the population would need immunity to see cases drop and continue to see cases remain low. If this is correct, it seems that the WSJ author may be correct that natural immunity numbers are underestimated and that herd immunity may be near.

That will obviously destroy the Democrat’s hopes of dragging this pandemic out for quite some time. While some Democrats, like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom, may be ready for the pandemic to end so they can stop taking heat, many Democrats continue to see this as an opportunity to capitalize on their socialist plans. They see this as an opportunity to remove American freedom in favor of their socialist dreams.

As the Democrats continue their push for their COVID relief plan, it will do nothing but continue to erode American freedom. If COVID cases are disappearing as they are, it would seem logical that we could simply reopen the nation and allow people to go back to normal. It will save thousands of businesses, jobs, and make it easier for everyone to pay their bills, a point that Democrats argue is a necessity right now.

Instead, Democrats will continue to push to hold on to this pandemic and to push for their socialist agenda. Or perhaps, if they lose this pandemic they can simply move on to another one. After all, Joe Biden has said he wants to declare gun violence a national health crisis.

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