Dallas begging for help after defunding the police


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Charlotte, NC — The city of Dallas, Texas, has asked for assistance with fighting a significant spike in violent crime across the city. The city has seen a significant increase in homicides, with totals expecting to be the highest in the last 16 years.

The spike in violence should come as no surprise. In September, the Dallas city council voted to cut $7 million from the overtime budget of the police force.

The cuts were to be used to install new street lights and hire civilian workers. There was supposed to be a focus on addressing the root cause of crime as well. Those new measures did not work, however.

With the loss of $7 million, the police department is unable to provide safety for the residents. Now, the state is having to act in order to provide the safety that the citizens deserve.

On Wednesday, Gov. Greg Abbott sent Texas state police to Dallas to help. It was not just a little help either. Abbott sent in the state police, aircraft, and rangers to help quell the violence. It is a show of force and of how important law enforcement really is.

Throughout the year, the progressive left has told everyone that law enforcement is not needed. They have said that police budgets could be slashed and that there would be no issues from it. It was all a lie.

The issues are not just in Dallas, but in other areas across the country. Major cities, including those who wanted to cut police funding, are seeing violent crimes rise. They told us the police were not important, but it seems that they are more important than they indicated.

What is the common denominator? These cities have Democrat mayors. These Democrats wanted to pander to the Black Lives Matter movement and have cost their citizens their lives and property.

The issue across the country is not the police. The police are needed in order to assure safety and security for Americans each and every day. The problem across our country is liberal garbage.

Democrats have lost the focus on priorities in our country. They would rather pander to special interest groups than address the real needs of the country.

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