Democrats admit elections are rigged and encourage fraud in Georgia



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Charlotte, NC – Democrats are no longer afraid to hide their corruption as they are openly admitting US elections are fixed. Mainstream media outlets immediately swarmed to contain the story of Ronald Klain, who Biden named would be Chief of Staff if he wins. Klain openly admitted that US elections are fixed.

In a tweet from 2014, he responded to a headline of a VOX article on Twitter, where Vox shared that the majority of Americans believed that elections are fixed. Klain replied with, “that’s because they are.” The tweet was not censored by Twitter as they have done with President Trump’s tweets suggesting similar matters.

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hello twitter i have a claim about election fraud that I want to dispute

Many have argued that his reply is referencing other things, but that is not how it seems. Especially with the countless examples of voter fraud and software issues that we are seeing in the 2020 election.

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Democrats have also taken new steps to encourage voter fraud in Georgia ahead of the Senate runoffs in the state. Many popular Democrats have visited and stated they will visit the state in the coming days. They are attempting to win the two Senate runoff races to give them an even number of Senate seats with Republicans.

It’s obvious they do not have faith in Stacey Abrams, who they have claimed delivered Georgia to President Biden. Instead, they decided that they needed to encourage illegal voting activities to help them try to win.

A New York Times columnist suggested that Democrats should move into Georgia temporarily to vote in the election to help sway the results. Georgia has laws against such actions taking place, but since when has a law stopped Democrats?

Time and again, Democrats are showing us exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it. Except, the mainstream media refuses to report it, and Americans refuse to pay attention.

They have openly encouraged voter fraud, and that’s a real problem. Instead, they want to accuse President Trump of undermining the election process and that he is damaging the country. I’ve said it before unless he proves the voter fraud, it will damage the trust in the election process.

What’s more damaging though, is the absolute unchecked actions of the Democrats. They engage in the fraud and these actions without any investigations or repercussions. It’s as if everyone wants to look the other way.

I am not naive. I realize that establishment Republicans dislike Trump because they crave power just as much as Democrats. But I also realize they better start paying attention to what 70+ million Americans are telling them. If they do not, they may find themselves in extinction.

The Democrats Head To Georgia

Democrats begin the trip down to Georgia as they start to focus on the Senate race there. It comes as Joe Biden has named who would be his chief of staff if he were to win. He named Ronald Klain as his choice to lead the White House.  That is far from the unifying choice that Biden could have made.

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