Democrats Need to Stop Ignoring The Corruption In Their Own Ranks


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Charlotte, NC — Democrats have officially asked for another criminal probe into President Donald Trump on Monday. The investigative call was in response to the taped call from Georgia that was released on Sunday by The Washington Post. It’s just another typical response from the radicals who act on a few details to drive a narrative.

The Washington Post edited the audio down to snippets in order to drive the story that President Trump was pressuring the Georgia Secretary of State to find more votes for him. The audio only revolved around snippets and did not include the entire text of the call. Once you read the entire text of the call, it is clear to see that President Trump was pushing the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to respond to the voter fraud allegations.

President Trump and his team shared some clear information in that call. They had asked for data and information to investigate, which Georgia has failed to provide. They had multiple instances of voter fraud determined, but Georgia failed to investigate.

So now, based on the fact that President Trump pushed for Georgia to investigate and research the case, they are now saying he needs to be investigated for criminal activity. Yes, asking questions about why voter fraud happened and was not investigated appropriately by the state of Georgia is a crime, according to these Democrats.

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As former prosecutors, @RepKathleenRice and I believe @realDonaldTrump committed multiple crimes during the phone call in which he threatened GA SoS Raffensperger to “find 11,780” votes or to “recalculate.”Today we made a criminal referral to the @FBI.

The Democrats are not concerned that new information was uncovered about a Chinese spy sleeping with a Democratic representative on the Intelligence Committee. They are not concerned that he remains on that committee or about any potential information that may have been compromised.

No, they are concerned about Donald Trump wanting to make sure that election fraud did not occur and that the votes of Americans counted. They are concerned about ignoring and overlooking the massive amounts of election issues that have been uncovered. They simply want us to look the other way.

Democrats have a track record of hearing an interesting piece of information and then launching an all-out investigation, wasting countless taxpayer dollars to prove nothing. They funded a fake Steele dossier that they pandered through multiple investigations without any evidence and even voted to impeach President Trump. They still argue that the Russia story is true, even though it has been disproven time and again.

They also have a track record for ignoring evidence and what needs to be investigated as well. Not only the Rep. Swalwell Chinese spy story but also the Hunter Biden laptop story. There is countless evidence that warrants an investigation. It’s not simply made up stories, but there is actual evidence that the Democrats continue to ignore.

How long will it be until people across America wake up and realize that these Democrats are not serving the interests of our nation? Americans are falling for the left-wing radical garbage day after day. The Democrats make empty statements that have no basis, and Americans simply fall for it.

These Democratic elitists continue to walk around in their world of corruption without having to answer for anything. They ignore the rules that they put in place for others, change the rules when it benefits them, and completely ignore the Constitution at all levels.

As conservatives, we have to hope that on Wednesday, Donald Trump produces the evidence that he claims to have. We have to hope that he is getting ready to turn our political system upside down.

It pains me to say that I hope for political chaos in our country, but that is the point we are at. If he is not successful, I am scared to think about what the future has in store for us.

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