Doctors ‘Stunned’ That Many Who Got COVID-19 Vaccine Haven’t Returned For 2nd Dose


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Despite the huge demand for the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, doctors at one Dallas hospital say they are stunned at the number of people not showing up for their just as important second dose.

Of the more than 500 people registered to return to Dallas’ City Hospital at White Rock for the second doses of vaccine in the past month, as many as nearly 10% failed to keep their appointments. That’s disturbing to the medical staff which is working hard to make sure the precious few doses City Hospital at White Rock gets every week don’t go to waste.

The East Dallas hospital has had as many as 50 of the 519 vaccinated miss their appointments for the crucial second one which can raise immunity to the virus to as much as 94%.

The hospital’s Chief Medical Director Dr. John Myers said when they do have an extra dose, it has to be used within six hours after its defrosted. Dr. Myers said his staff has scrambled to find other qualified recipients for the dozens of people who have canceled or no-showed on the second vaccine.

He also warned of  a real danger of vaccine doses going unused if it continues.

“We still have some employees that were waiting for the vaccine so we’ve been giving some of those doses to employees. Last week we had a few extra doses for people who couldn’t come and we gave them to a few community phase 1B group. So we’ve been trying to make sure that zero go to waste,” he said.

These vaccine providers say they understand that people can’t always make scheduled appointments, but said it’s important to communicate and reschedule rather than not showing up so they can find someone needing a first dose to get it.

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