Leaked Photos of Biden’s Border Crisis Reflect Bad Conditions of the Problem He Created


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Charlotte, NC — The situation at the border has devolved into a full-blown crisis.  There are thousands of people crossing illegally each day that includes unaccompanied minors.  These children are getting stuffed into facilities that are horribly over crowded.  They’re unable to shower and the sleep on floors.

Blame lays at the feet and only at the feet of President Joe Biden and the insanely idiotic DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and not CBP and ICE.  Joe Biden spent two years blatantly signaling to Central America residents that the border would be opened at 12:00 p.m. on January 20, 2021.  However, Biden has been trying to change the rhetoric and take it back, but ti’s way too late.

Now, the first pictures from inside these facilities have leaked, and they are really bad.

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🚨🚨🚨🚨 Axios has PHOTOS inside an illegal immigrant detention facility.They’re pretty bad. https://t.co/kzybDViXl3

More photos of how insanely out-of-control things are at our southern border.  For the record, if we no longer have borders, we lose our sovereignty, and we are no longer a nation.

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BREAKING: The Biden Border Crisis Revealed in New Photos pic.twitter.com/ghi6MdbFzt

I’m going to say it:  the Biden administration is keeping kids in cages at our southern border.  Though the cases are translucent, the children are taking turns sleeping on mats on the floor as they cling to thermal blankets.  There’s nothing humane or comfortable about what is in the photos above.  No wonder why the Biden administration is putting these areas on a media lock down.

What’s more, these conditions are worse than anything anyone saw under Donald Trump.  If you’ll recall, his presidency brought a years-long onslaught of “kids in cages” coverage, including Congressional members going to the border to do photoshoots and claiming they were concentration camps.

As it turns out, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is trying to blame the current surge on Trump.  He claims it began last fall which is obviously and objectively false.  When it was clear Biden was going to be president, that is when the migrant caravans began forming and steaming North.  Two months into Biden’s administration the southern border is out of control as illegal immigrants in custody reaching record highs.

If you recall, this is the same man who said he was going to “surge” the border with asylum seekers.  Biden’s campaign promised free healthcare to illegal immigrants and he continued to put American citizens on the back burner when he virtue signaled about a supposed 100-day deportation moratorium.  Further, he promised his administration would be more “humane” and open in dealing with this.

In case Biden and the legacy media aren’t paying attention, that is what we like to call major compounding facts that added up to a yuge welcome mat at our Southern border.  The price we are now paying is humanitarian in nature but also in terms of money.

No matter.  How the media and Democrats react now since these pictures have been leaked will be interesting to see.  I’m guessing they’ll continue to cover up for the fascistic and totalitarian Biden administration, or will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez take to Twitter to make Nazi comparisons now?

Hypocrisy is a funny thing.

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