MSM Tries to Use Hunter Biden’s Addiction Issues to Insulate Joe


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Charlotte, NC — As you are aware, Joe Biden has had his constant thirst for power and corruption publicly exposed via a series of emails residing on at least one laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden.  The emails show that Joe Biden was not merely a doting father who corruptly peddled his influence to create business opportunities for his ne’er-do-well son; he was a direct beneficiary of those business opportunities.

But according to the mainstream media, the emails are being attacked on two ridiculous fronts.  Both are pathetic and absurd in their transparency.  There are the same people who fluffed the Steele Dossier, and, as Kellyanne Conway once put it, the Steele Dossier is a fancy French term that means “load of crap!” Those people who pushed the Dossier every day for four years as the gospel are now claiming, with zero evidence, that the whole thing is a Kremlin plot.

The other attack is “leave Hunter out of it because he’s an addict.”  In essence, this attack says that if you use the emails, you are hurting Hunter’s recovery, and that makes you just as evil as the mean, big, bad, orange man is toward others!

Here are some examples. From the Washington Post, we have Trump’s attack on Hunter Biden will only increase the stigma of addiction:

So, when President Trump brought up Hunter Biden’s addiction to attack former vice president Joe Biden on Tuesday night, I immediately thought back to that summer. As saccharine as it sounds, the president of the United States is also the president of screw-ups, addicts and hopefuls like me and Hunter Biden. But Trump’s comments made clear that he believes that an addict’s actions can be used against our families to attack their character.

That will make us less willing to talk about our problems and get the help we need. The National Institute on Drug Abuse says explicitly that stigma can make people with substance abuse disorders less willing to seek treatment. And that makes sense. If your addiction is going to be used against you, why try to get better?

Factually, Trump did not mention Hunter being addicted to anything.  President Trump pointed out that Hunter was kicked out of the Navy, despite daddy Joe’s influence, overusing cocaine.  He also pointed out that all of Hunter’s money can be traced back to Joe, finding him sweet, sweet deals for him.

NPR offers up Experts Say Attack On Hunter Biden’s Addiction Deepens Stigma For Millions to contribute to the narrative.

These attacks have raised the alarm and sparked criticism from those who say the president and his allies are using a disease experienced by 20 million Americans as a political weapon.

“To hear the president of the United States say this is a legitimate political smear shows that he thinks this is a way to attack,” said Eric Michael Garcia, a journalist who entered recovery last year for alcohol and sex addiction.

In an NPR interview, Garcia said it was hard for him to admit needing help because he feared the kind of shame and public attacks now hitting the Biden’s.

“I worried my personal shortcomings would be used against other people, people who I love,” he said. “I think that’s something that a lot of people with addiction fear.”

Where that falls short is that Hunter Biden shows no signs of being concerned about much of anything.

Hunter Biden is not an innocent bystander in this drama. This is not like when the media were wetting themselves as they attacked George Bush’s daughters over allegations of underage drinking.

Those charges had no political or policy implications whatsoever beyond indicating that George Bush had two very normal, attractive, and popular kids. They were deeply personal attacks aimed at painting Bush as a bad parent.  But Hunter Biden is 50.  Hunter is nearly eligible for AARP membership.  He’s a grown-ass pseudo-man who has a history of behavior that is unsavory.

Hunter once (boinking your brother’s widow, impregnating a stripper, being a deadbeat dad to your offspring) and clear criminality (his deals with China and Ukraine even before the latest revelations) that would have seen him indicted had he not been Joe Biden’s son.  I take that back.  Had he not been Joe Biden’s son, he would likely be living in a refrigerator cardboard box in a homeless encampment.

Hunter Biden’s problems have much less to do with any drug abuse problem than they do to his massive sense of entitlement and a father who has enabled his less-than-Beau son to become a viable lifestyle.

Hunter Biden is not mere collateral damage here.  Hunter is a central player in a major influence-peddling scandal involving his daddy and uncle.  Moreover, it gives every appearance that he may very well have been a willing agent of the Chinese government.

In short, you can’t give Hunter Biden a pass on his own actions just because he has a thing for hookers and crack. Being a drug addict is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, and it’s not something to be used to your benefit, and it’s definitely not something you use in order to benefit your argument because you hate the President.

The only reason anyone cares about Hunter Biden is that Joe Biden chose to run for president.  Additionally, Twitter, et al. would not be quelling this story should the Republican ticket have a different name on it than Donald Trump’s!  Joe Biden ran, knowing his son was a sleazebag who was as crooked as Joe Biden himself. He had to know or should have known that once he became a candidate for president that Hunter Biden’s personal life and financial dealings would become an issue, especially since they had already received attention during the impeachment drama that overtook President Trump earlier in the year.

But because he’s running against Trump and the supposed “battle for the soul of the nation,” this story can be quelled and Biden apologists.

Hunter Biden is fair game here.  And if anyone should be concerned about the effect upon his sobriety, it is not you or me or The New York Post.  It is Joe Biden.  And if he doesn’t care, there is no reason that anyone else should.

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