Nancy Pelosi’s Outrageous Coup Attempt Against Trump – Because he Contracted the Coronavirus


By Greg Holt


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According to Pelosi, Trump must be removed from office – because he was sick.

(TCP News) Speaker Pelosi is at it once again.  Because Trump had the Coronavirus and was treated for it, he needs to be ousted, see ya.  He is a danger dontcha know…

Trump of course responded:

First it was Trump and the Russians colluded.  Then it was the Ukrainian phone call.  Now since Trump contracted the COVID-19 virus, his fitness to serve needs to be evaluated.

Even more to the point, since Trump had the audacity to be treated for being ill, why he needs to be immediately thrown out of office!  His judgment cannot possibly be sound any longer (So what’s Nancy’s excuse?).  Insert eye roll here.

According to the Washington Examiner Pelosi questioned Trump’s judgment:

She has also questioned his judgment under the influence of Regeneron, which was administered to the president to treat the virus.


Pelosi said the bill is meant to ensure the continuity of government if the president becomes physically or mentally incapacitated. The bill would appoint a 17-member commission of experts, including medical doctors, who would determine whether the president is capable of remaining in office if events warrant it.

This new bill would set up a commission of experts, who would determine a president’s ability to serve.  Sounds rather ominous to me.  But this has nothing to do with Trump.

Experts like Dr. Fauci whose opinions change like the wind?  Or maybe the CDC “experts” who also cannot seem to make up their minds about all things Coronavirus.  Or the dozens of officials who say one thing and do another.

These experts will of a certainty be impartial, and they will for sure know exactly what they are talking about.

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I vote for Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Robert De Niro, Barack Obama, and Michael Moore to join this commission.  They will give Trump a fair shake.

Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

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