Progressives start to pull Biden’s strings



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Charlotte, NC – Everyone on the left still believes that Biden has won the election already, even though multiple states are still outstanding. While the mainstream media pushes this lie, progressives have their eyes set on how to accomplish their goals through their puppet, Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, one Black Lives Matter co-founder sent a message to Joe Biden demanding their agenda in return for their vote. Patrisse Cullors says that her group is responsible for Biden’s win and that she has requested a meeting with Biden to lay out their expectations for a potential Biden administration.

Typically, Biden is the one calling the shots in his corrupt business dealings, but it appears that the tables have turned. Now, domestic terrorist organizations are demanding an agenda from the former Vice President. I wonder if he has any issues with that?

The expecation is a push for police reform and reparations to black people for slavery in America’s past. Black Lives Matter is not the only group that is pushing Bidne to get their way in his potential administration either.

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Progressives are all planning to attack Biden to accomplish their goal. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her radical followers are already planning to lobby Biden for things like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Biden’s website shares he supports the Green New Deal, but he has opposed Medicare for All.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has said he wants to make sure that Biden is the most progressive President since FDR. FDR was one of the worst presidents in the history of our country, personally responsible for extending the Great Depression for much longer than it should have been. He moved America towards multiple socialistic programs that continue to haunt us to this day.

The real question is just how far the progressives will take this. Will they blackmail Biden to get their way? It’s certainly possible. They already have the 25th Amendment commission established and could easily work to remove Biden.

It would be much simpler for them to work with a potential President Kamala Harris. She has openly supported these initiatives and more. It’s a dream scenario for Progressives.

Another question is how Biden may support these pushes without support from Congress. While he would have the support necessary from the House, he would not have the support from the Senate if Republicans do win control as is expected.

Biden, if he wins, would be expected to pass multiple executive orders quickly upon entering the White House. While there are multiple measures that he would not pass, there are many that Republicans will no doubt give in on. Establishment Republicans continue to sell out Republican values in favor of popularity.

Dementia Joe is a puppet of the Democrats and would be an absolute nightmare in office. I have shared many times, Biden will not finish out his first term in office. They will not stop until they find a way to advance their progressive agenda, with or without him.

The mainstream media election lies

The mainstream media continues to perpetuate the lie that Joe Biden is the President-elect of the United States. They have allowed Biden to receive airtime with a logo behind him or in front of him as being from the Office of the President-Elect. There’s only one problem; he is not the President-elect.

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