Recognition Software Confirms Extremists Responsible For Capitol Chaos


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Charlotte, NC — Facial recognition software has confirmed that the chaos that occurred on Wednesday at the US Capitol was caused by known extremists. First reported by the Washington Times, the software confirmed that neo-Nazi’s and other extremists were responsible for the destruction and violence that day.

Earlier reports had said that Antifa was present. Other sites have quoted sources as saying that Antifa was present. One thing is for certain, those responsible for these actions were not the Trump supporters from the event earlier in the day.

Many people on the ground report having seen Antifa show up and wear Trump gear after they arrived. Some social media reports have also shared that buses arrived with these rioters on board.

The Washington Times reports that professional protesters were already present at the Capitol and causing issues. One social media account we found said that as the protesters marched toward the Capitol, they witnessed people already confronting law enforcement and shouting.

We also shared a video earlier of those who attended attempting to stop the destruction from occurring. It’s clear from reports that most of the protesters that were true Trump supporters were peaceful and not causing issues.

Of course the mainstream media has told a different story, accusing Trump of inciting riots. They have used the events to drive the narrative that Trump has committed treason and deserves to be removed from office by invoking the 25th Amendment or through impeachment.

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