Reconnaissance or Capitol Tours? Details Matter In Latest Accusations


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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) accused Republican colleagues of taking people on “reconnaissance” walk-throughs of the Capitol the day before. She made the comments in a video where she said, “We can’t have a democracy if members of Congress are actively helping the president overturn the election results.”

As she continued, Sherrill said that she was going to work to remove Trump from office. She also said that she wanted to hold these members of Congress accountable for inciting the crowd and attempting to undermine democracy. Her full comments are available in the video below.

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🚨BREAKING: Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ), a Navy veteran and Annapolis grad who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, said she saw fellow members of Congress “who had groups coming through the Capitol that I saw on Jan. 5, a reconnaissance for the next day.”

Sherrill leaves out significant details about what she saw. Typically, Democrats do not shy away from sharing names when they want to accuse someone. This time, she makes vague accusations of what she almost wants to call a military-type action against the Capitol.

Capitol tours are common and it is not uncommon for a Representative to visit with a group of constituents if there is a larger group present. Many Republicans were aware that groups were coming to town for the Trump rally, but I seriously doubt any of them knew the extremists were coming to attack the Capitol.

What happened at the Capitol was uncalled for and should not have happened. The actions of Democrats like Sherrill are also dangerous as well.

I have not heard one single Republican Representative say that they support the violence that happened. All of them have condemned it, even Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) who Democrats have said encouraged the crowd to riot just before the events took place.

The Democrats that are accusing their Republican counterparts of this are hypocrites, as they failed to condemn the actions of their own party as they were marching with Black Lives Matter events. Those events resulted in death and destruction, but not one single person mentioned the Democrats that attended and “incited” the crowds at those events.

The rhetoric that Democrats are spewing is dangerous. Their mission is to continue to erode public trust in Republicans and Trump supporters so that they can remain in control.

Will Republicans Learn Their Lesson This Time

Republicans seem to have a struggle learning lessons. For four years, President Trump has taught them how the party can change its identity and move forward. Rather than learning, they put up a resistance.  Some have suggested the only way forward is through a new party or through a new leader.

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