Team Trump video destroys communism and the mainstream media


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Charlotte, NC — In a tweet late on Wednesday night, President Trump shared an incredible video from Team Trump. This is not just some “garbage,” as the mainstream media will call it. This is a video you will want to see.

In the video, the story about how communism has set out to destroy America was explained. Their gameplan was shared, clearly being carried out by the Democrats and the mainstream media.

The video shares how all roads lead back to China and the CCP. We all know the Biden connections to China and corruption, and we have recently learned about other Democrats that have close ties to the CCP. It’s clear that the Democrats are now owned by China.

Then the video continues to explain how mainstream media outlets are controlled and paid by the CCP to publish content. It explains that China owns so much of our economy that they are controlling us and causing division.

Trump tweeted this video in response to another about election fraud, and it’s simply incredible. The first video was quickly labeled by Twitter, but the second is the one I’m describing. You can see it below.

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The Democrats want us to believe that the mainstream media can be trusted, but Americans have known for quite some time that this is not possible. The mainstream media is carrying out a coordinated attack on Americans. They are following those who are in control.

The video shares that the most important thing that can be done is to leave those networks and quit following their content. The video shares multiple conservative news agencies and encourages subscribing and following those outlets. As the video says, it is critical to support conservative news outlets as the left continues to work to shut them down.

The mainstream media will quickly dismiss the video as nothing but propaganda. They will say Team Trump and President Trump are committing sedition and attempting a coup. I think we are all smart enough here to see what’s really happening.

The Democrats will dismiss the video arguing that they are not in bed with China and controlled by the CCP. Of course, we all know about Joe and Hunter Biden. They are well connected to the CCP and the paid corruption that is going on there.

We also know about the spy that worked as a “driver” for Dianne Feinstein and gave intelligence back to the CCP. Or what about the spy that infiltrated Democrat’s campaigns and slept with Rep. Eric Swalwell? It’s clear which party is committed to communism.

Both videos are worth watching as they both share important information that will quickly be dismissed by the left. This one, though, should leave your blood boiling and ready to save our country from these communists. Especially if you were not at that point already.

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