What would a patriot do?


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Charlotte, NC – Across the country, it seems that everyone who has a voice has an opinion as to what we should do right now in our country. Former President Bush has said we should just get behind Joe Biden and move on. Others, like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has urged that Trump should not concede and should continue to fight. There are multiple opinions anywhere in between.

I have been very clear in each of my statements. At this point, legal challenges continue to exist and there is not a clear winner in the election. The election is close and there are a lot of discrepancies.

We have been here before. It was December 13th until Al Gore conceded in the 2000 election. Multiple legal cases transpired that year and the election drug out to almost Christmas before a winner was determined. So waiting for these legal challenges is not entirely unprecedented.

So the question comes to mind, what do the patriots do in this situation? In 2000, we faced a decision between a moderate Republican and a progressive liberal. Republican voters were not as excited about George W Bush as they are about President Trump.

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Former CIA Director John Brennan said that patriots would invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump and would remove him from office. He said that if Mike Pence and the cabinet had any spine of patriotism, they would get together and remove the “cornered cat” Trump from office.

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Pres. Trump is “like a cornered cat…he’s going to lash out and the fact…that he has the powers of the presidency in his hands is quite worrisome.”Former CIA dir. John Brennan calls on VP Pence and the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and strip Pres. Trump of his powers.

That does not seem like a logical solution for a patriot in this situation, however. You see, a patriot sees the importance and value of freedom. They see the personal liberties of the Constitution and the attempts of the left to destroy it.

At each turn, the Democrats have encroached on our personal liberties that are guaranteed by the Constitution. Just in the pandemic caused by the China virus, they have shown they do not value freedom. They have tried to force Americans into submission and compliance with pandemic restrictions, rather than working on ways to support freedom and promote life.

Throughout the election, they told us what they intended to do. They intended to change the rules, to allow votes that were cast by illegals and after legal deadlines to be counted. All because they hate the man called President Trump.

Invoking the 25th Amendment was never put into place to remove someone simply because they do not like them. It was never intended to be used as a political weapon as the left is suggesting.

The issue is that the left is using anything they can as a political weapon. They are not interested in our Constitutional Republic anymore. They have forgotten that we are a Republic in the first place.

In a Republic, everyone has a voice and rights are protected by the Constitution. The left consistently argues that we are a democracy, where groups lose their inalienable rights and their freedoms. The left does not value opposing views, they want to silence them.

At this point in our country, a patriot is going to choose to fight for the protection of our Republic. They are going to fight for the one who has proven he is all about America first. Not one single patriot will choose the man who sold out the United States to China in order to benefit his family.

Not one single patriot is going to choose to simply give in when there is a hope of saving the country from the detrimental path that would be a Biden presidency. Patriots will choose to fight for the country and for what they believe in. It’s the American way.

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Our nation was at a similar crossroads in the 1700’s when under British rule. Many were reluctant to stand up to the King and to fight for independence. After several events, patriots decided that freedom was worth fighting for.

I am not saying that we need to be fighting another war, but we need to be ready for this fight. We have seen all of the events. We know their agenda and what they want to do to our country. Rather than simply giving in, we must be ready to fight for our freedoms.

While I would love to say that President Trump will win the legal battles, we simply do not know until they play out. Either way, we still have a fight on our hands and need all patriots to step up and be ready. What will you do? Are you a patriot or are you a quitter?

It’s Time For Conservatives To Prepare For The Inevitable

The mainstream media has declared Joe Biden the winner of the election. While that is anything but certain, it should give conservatives a reason to self examine a little bit. Not because we are responsible for the election of Joe Biden.

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