White Supremacy Responsible for Anti-Asian Violence? Not in the Latest Attack on NYC Subway


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New York, NY — For the past few days, we have heard nothing but how white supremacy is responsible for anti-Asian violence across the country. We have heard how these violent attacks are sweeping the nation and that white supremacy is the main culprit. Except, that does not seem to be the case in New York City.

A 68-year-old Asian male was attacked on a NYC subway. A witness who helped the man said the suspect shouted “You motherf—ing Asian” according to New York Daily News. The attacker struck the man and left him bleeding and wounded on the subway as the witness rushed over to help.

You might be waiting for the description of the attacker to be a white supremacist, male racist, or any of the other ridiculous excuses the Left has used over the past week. But the assailant was Marc Mathieu, who was arrested. Marc is a Black male who is from the Bronx. He initially escaped the scene, but was arrested sometime later.

This is an obvious hate crime based on what the man shouted as he attacked the Asian man. While it fits the media’s narrative of anti-Asian hate, it does not fit the narrative of the white supremacy that the media is pushing. In fact, this situation tells the actual truth. The majority of violent crime is not committed by Whites.

The mainstream media is not going to mention the fact that the majority of anti-Asian attacks are from other minorities, such as Blacks. According to BLS statistics, Whites are those who are least responsible for violent crimes of all races. Of course, you will not hear that from the mainstream media, as they try to push the narrative that Whites are horrible people.

Michelle Malkin shared some great examples of this in a recent article. She shared how the majority of violent crime is committed by Blacks. Instead of addressing the source of the crime, the Left wants to blame white supremacists.

While white supremacy may exist in the United States, it is not the widespread issue as the Left would like to claim. As always, it’s just a distraction so you cannot see what they are really doing.

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