Klain: Harris is already being influential over Joe Biden



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Charlotte, NC – In an interview on Thursday, Ron Klain, who Biden states will be his chief of staff, was interviewed on the MSNBC show The Last Word. In that interview, he was asked about Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) role in the administration. His answer should scare you.

In his comments, Klain said that Harris has already been influential in the discussions with Joe Biden. He said that Biden is listening to her positions and that her voice is being heard.

He goes on in the discussion to describe the working relationship that Biden and Harris have. He shared that she will be the last one in the room and someone Biden relies heavily on. You can see his comments in the video below.

Ron Klain: ‘The Transition Is Moving Ahead’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Ron Klain joins Lawrence O’Donnell for his first interview as Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff to discuss progress in the presidential transition process and why i…

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We have shared previously how radical Kamala Harris is. She has let it slip in various interviews that she is really in charge. Yes, Kamala Harris running this country is a scary thought.

If Harris has a voice, there are many progressive items that we could see under a potential Biden administration. She is a supporter of reparations for slavery. She is a supporter of free college tuition and student loan forgiveness. She favors eliminating the electoral college and she favors $15 minimum wage. That’s only the start.

She also favors gun bans and mandatory gun buybacks. She wants to put everyone on Medicare for All, a stark difference to the Joe Biden plan. She is a strong supporter of abortion and the Green New Deal.

I made the suggestion recently that there were other foreign countries that were pushing Joe Biden already. We know that he has sold out US interests to China in corrupt family business dealings. I also shared how he was a puppet to the Democrats and their progressive wishes.

Just how much did Joe Biden willingly give away when he made the deals to get everyone else to drop out of the race? While he was seen as a front runner, there was never excitement behind his candidacy. There is little doubt he made some promises.

He has also not hidden the fact he is willing to keep secrets until he would potentially take office. He made that suggestion regarding his feelings on court stacking. He suggested he wanted to protect that desire until after the election.

In any instance, the fact that Harris has influence over Biden should be a concern for both conservatives and moderate Democrats alike. Those Democrats, who refused to support a radical candidate and thought they were choosing a better candidate in Biden, essentially chose radicalism due to Harris being on the ticket. This is exactly why there was multiple suggestions ahead of the election Biden was a bad choice.

Biden very well may win this when all the votes are counted. Trump is trailing by a large number of votes as it appears now. If he does, you better hang on for the radical progressive ride that we are all about to be on.

The Democrats Head To Georgia

Democrats begin the trip down to Georgia as they start to focus on the Senate race there. It comes as Joe Biden has named who would be his chief of staff if he were to win. He named Ronald Klain as his choice to lead the White House.  That is far from the unifying choice that Biden could have made.

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