Trump Is Already Planning His Comeback


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Charlotte, NC — Former President Donald Trump has only been out of office a couple of weeks and many on both sides of the political aisle had already written him off. At least six Republicans in the Senate and ten in the House of Representatives have. They either voted to impeach him or to proceed with an unconstitutional trial in the Senate.

Like him or not, there is not one possible scenario where the Senate gets to the required 67 votes in order to convict President Donald Trump. Even Politico said many cannot believe how Trump is almost bulletproof among the Republican party and his supporters.

While the reports swirl that Trump is not happy with his impeachment attorneys and has been playing golf, don’t let the reports fool you. President Donald Trump has been hard at work planning for his great comeback.

By comeback do I mean that I am subscribing to the QAnon belief that Trump will resume office in March? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, I believe we are stuck with President Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris if Democrats figure out how to remove Biden, until 2024.

I think that President Donald Trump is already targeting the 2022 elections and working to address several key races in the midterm elections. He specifically has 10 Republican House members and several Senators that he wants to target.

I think that he has also designated several other key House races that he can target as well. Trump’s goal is to make Joe Biden and the Democrat’s lives a bigger nightmare than he made them in the four years he was in the White House.

The Republicans that have remained neutral or aligned with Trump recognize the power that he has among the party. They realize that they cannot exist without him into the future.

A few weeks ago I posed a question that if President Donald Trump started a third party, who would join? Apparently quite a few people. According to a Hill-HarrisX poll, 64% of Republicans would leave the GOP to join Trump’s party. They wouldn’t be alone as 28% of Independents and 16% of Democrats also said they would join the party.

To lose 16% of their voters would not hurt the Democrats very much. For Republicans, to lose 64% of their core voters as well as over a quarter of Independents would spell death.

President Donald Trump knows this and so do those Republicans. They know that President Donald Trump holds the power and as long as his followers remain loyal and enthusiastic, there’s nothing they can do to stop him.

Do I believe that President Donald Trump will run for office again in 2024? I am not exactly sure. You better believe that whoever he casts his support behind, whether himself or another candidate, will certainly become the instant front-runner.

Trump’s future plans do include putting faithful members inside the GOP into key House and Senate roles, however. I expect him to target those members he can that voted to support impeachment and look to replace both Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell in party leadership.

Make no mistake about it, Trump is putting the pieces in place to make another great comeback. It may not be under the slogan to “Make America Great Again” but he has every intention to make the Republican Party live at his feet for years to come.

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