Trump Unplugged: More Potent And Powerful, Post-Presidency?


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Palm Beach, FL — The man has billions, a hot wife, a massive following, and a whole lot of splintery bones to pick with RINOs and the media’s leftist concubines. Will President Trump be a force for the fickle Republican Party, blaze a new trail in creating a money-making third party, or form a media empire utilizing all genres and attempt to eliminate his ultimate enemy? What a time to be alive.

The Palm Beach Provocateur

The power the leader of the free world possesses is palpable. The press hangs on every word, world leaders bend and bow and beg for America’s riches, and for a limited time, there is no one more revered, hated, or feared. And then they leave public office, build a library, and fade away. Some miss it entirely too much – such as Mr. Obama.

Barack Obama continually skulked about the Swamp hoping to stay relevant and subversively attempting to overshadow the Trump presidency. Unlike his predecessor, though, the 45th president has been eerily quiet since the handover of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  – and that has a lot of folks on edge. Holed up in Mar-a-Lago, refusing calls from the likes of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and former ally Nikki Haley, Trump gleefully fuels the fires of rumor and innuendo as his future comes into focus. America waits to know what that might entail.

In a recent and rare phone interview since leaving office, President Trump teased listeners by hinting at his next moves: “Republicans are soft,” he points the finger at McConnell, saying, “If he spent the same time hitting [Senate Majority Leader] Schumer and [President] Biden, the Republicans would be much better off.” There was no “we” mentioned on the Republican team.

Mr. Trump has hinted at starting the Patriot Party as well but with no promise yet to his broad base. And that tends to be the way the man operates: he moves when he is dead sure of the outcome.

Advocacy, Organizing, Activism

An official statement last month announced the opening in Florida of a new office to handle the onslaught of post-presidency doings: “correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism.”

There is no mention of advocating for the Grand Old Party. And the talk of organizing is tending to run the way of using the Trump muscle and money-raising ability to oust a group of never-Trumpers in the upcoming midterm elections. As midterms are the bell-weather of party virility – and if Trump succeeds at ousting a few of his GOP elected enemies – he will solidify his relevancy in American politics as no other former president has been able to do. His appeal – and his base – is massive. And they have money.

If a Trump Patriot Party becomes a reality (different from the Patriot Party already being built), you can bet Trump aims for a 2024 presidential no-holds-barred run. But all goals and dreams depend on getting the Trump message out. And to date, he has been effectively hobbled by establishment and social media.

Trump Network

Resources for a media empire would be an easy offering for Donald Trump. And some say the appeal is an aphrodisiac to the man who coined the phrase “Fake News,” labeling CNN the biggest faker in the industry. After being permanently banned from Twitter for posting about election fraud, and similarly, for his time out on Facebook, a large chunk of Trump’s audience now hears second-hand the messages he wishes to relay. Amazingly enough, it seems to matter not to the people who voted for Trump. It’s censorship by private enterprise – legal to do – yet unmistakably a putrid practice in America.

As Parler became a free speech refuge, it reaped monopolistic enterprise’s full vindictive force, effectively cutting it off at the proverbial knees. Others could not gain any ground in the industry. Perhaps that is where Trump feels his weight could be thrust for his America First agenda. A social media platform, 24-hour cable news type network, and a multi-media journalism endeavor – a step beyond Steve Bannon’s version of Breitbart.

When you have Bill Gates publicly stating: “I think at some point he probably will be allowed back on and probably should be allowed back on,” it is a clear message of what effect their tribunals have had on users.


Without Trump to kick around, the media appears to be somewhat bored. They can’t now go after all the inglorious leftists they have promoted to the national stage without an image problem this soon after the chaos of 2020 and early 2021. They can’t seem to goad him out into the open to take a few more potshots. And that is unsettling to pundits and pols alike: the media and leftists know by the chill down their spines the world has not seen the last of Trump. Not by a long shot.

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